LAURA e-Emergency uses AI to reduce the overhead in the Emergency Department and increases efficiency, optimizes resources and helps save lives

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Cognitive Screening & Answers

Demand Forecast

Identification of patients at risk through AI

With an online screening, LAURA can early identify patients at risk and answer the main questions.

The healthcare team is able to track patients at risk remotely and check their health timeline. The solution can be integrated with LAURA Clinical Deterioration to prioritize patients that need immediate assistance.

How it works


Cognitive Screening | Demanda Forecast | Prediction of patients at risk | Intelligent resource allocation

1)Cognitive Screening Platform

• Screen Symptoms

• Orientations and warnings

• Patient confirmation of ED assistance

• FAQ/Questions


Demand Forecast Platform

• Patient risk classification

• Metrics about patients screened online

• Metrics about patients coming to ED

• Metrics about patients at ED

• Orientations

• Check-in no P.A.

• AI-powered Dashboard

• Intelligent resource allocation


AI Clinical Deterioration at ED

• Cognitive Screening

• Dashboard showing scores of patients at risk

• Management of care and time of reassessment of patients at risk